Many people are using Virtual Machines to test software, or use software that requires an older version of Microsoft Windows. But not everyone knows where to download a good copy of a certain version of the operating system they need. And some people must wait hours to complete those downloads because they dont want to buy a premium account because of the simple reason that they wont use that site again in the future.

Microsoft Repository Plan offers all Microsoft Windows and Office versions in one single package with full download speed. No payment needed. The user-interface is built with the ease of the consumer in mind. No advertisements, no searching for the right version. Just select the version of the Microsoft product in the application and click on download.

Legal Issues:

Please be aware that we dont condone illegal activities! Microsoft Repository Plan will include for many products product keys, but only on products that is no longer in massive use! For example: Microsoft Windows 95, 98 etc. For products like Microsoft Windows 10 you will need genuine product keys. Please visit our store to check our sharp offers!


System Requirements:

Processor: Intel Core (64bit)
Memory: 4GB
Harddisk: 150MB
Operating System: Windows 7 and higher
Architecture: 64-bit
.NET Framework: 4.7.2 (installed)

Release date: Delayed!
Delay reason: COVID-19...

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